Fire Crackers are the major source of Air Pollution, although people burn Fire Crackers for their personal joy, they forget that their personal joy is harmful to others who breathe in the same air which may lead to asthma and other breathing disorders & infections.
The Supreme Court has allowed the sale of Fire Crackers but on a condition that they won’t be sold after Diwali i.e., 7TH November’18. Keeping in mind the livelihood of Fire Cracker manufacturers and the health of 1.3 billion people of the country, the Supreme Court is still looking forward to make a ban over Fire Crackers.
The Centre has been suggested to draw out measures to be taken to reduce this pollution. The manufacturers have suggested the Supreme Court to not to ban the crackers completely as crackers are not only the reason for Air Pollution but Air & Temperature are too. Only the manufacturers approved by the centre are allowed for the sale of Fire Crackers making it result in a less smoky Diwali.
The Supreme Court has put a time restriction on the use of Fire Crackers reducing it to 2 hours i.e., between 08:00 pm to 10:00pm. Have also regulated the time for burning Crackers in New year and have set up to 35 minutes from 11:55pm to 12:30am, with a notice of no burning of Crackers at day time. The PESO (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation) has been asked to check the Crackers and give them clearance only if they meet the noise and emission standards.
The Online market will face a loss as the Supreme Court has completely banned the online sale of Fire Crackers mentioning it to be the responsibility of e-commerce market to monitor that there is no violation of the order. Only NCR is allowed with burning of Crackers rest of the country had to celebrate the festival of lights under strict restrictions.
The Supreme Court’s verdict came due to the petition filed by the residents of Delhi, so the Supreme Court decided to dump the existing Fire Crackers and develop new which could clear the PESO standards.

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