Encounter broke during a search operation in Budgam resulting in killing of two terrorists and recovery of incriminating materials such as arms and ammunition from the site of encounter.

On Thursday the security forces encountered two terrorists in Zagoo area of Khan Sahib in the Budgam district of Jammu & Kashmir. The encounter was basically a search operation created jointly by a team of police and security forces in the lieu of base information about the presence of terrorists in the area.
During the search operation, the hiding terrorists attacked on the search team and they counter attacked which led to the encounter, which resulted in killing of two beasts and in addition their identities are being kept secret.
The place of encounter is under further search and is also kept closed for every visitor and local people until and unless the area is clearly sanitized and presented safe, this is done because the place might contain explosives, arms & ammunition and may result in being dangerous and harmful to the local people soo till it is cleaned people are banned from visiting the area.
At the end of the encounter a view was seen of falling rocks down the valley which was later realised to be the villagers/ loacal people throwing rocks over the security forces for killing the terrorists. Why they do so is still a big questionmark?

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