Fuel prices cut as Petrol goes below Rs.80 in Delhi. With frequent decline in Fuel prices, cost of petrol has been reduced by 3.08 per litre in delhi with dragging Diesel down to Rs.1.64. Here are the stats for reduction in prices in key cities


⦁ Delhi- 79.75
⦁ Mumbai- 85.24
⦁ Chennai- 82.86
⦁ Kolkata- 81.63 


⦁ Delhi- 73.85
⦁ Mumbai- 77.40
⦁ Chennai- 78.08
⦁ Kolkata- 75.70 

The frequent reduction in Fuel price has led to fall in international oil prices and appreciation of Rupee. Before the fall of Fuel Price the country saw a hype in the prices of Fuel which touched the hype of prices ever, where Petrol touched a record high of Rs.84 per litre and diesel went up to Rs.75.45 per litre and after that itself the Goverment decided to reduce excise duty on Petrol and Diesel by Rs.1.50 per litre and asked the fuel retailers to reduce their margins by Rs. 1 per litre. But as the International oil prices falled the price of Fuel too falled in India resulting in the appreciation of Rupee.
But as the large proportion of country's requirement is met through imports the retail selling price of Diesel and Petrol is solemnly dependent upon the International prices of Fuel and the Rupee-US dollar exchange rate.

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